Friday, May 26, 2017
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 07:53

5 Inspirational infographics for entrepreneurs

Written by Brendan Ihmig

Being an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship as a whole, is as much an incredible adventure as it is a formidable challenge. From dealing with the lows of unexpected failures to the highs of profitable contracts, being an entrepreneur is a roller caster all day all the time. Sometimes it takes a lot to stay committed to the ride especially when hitting a real low, even though there is sure to be a thrilling high at some point.

Inspiration and motivation are an essential element that every entrepreneur needs to stay on course and to stay bucked in. I have yet to hear or read about a successful entrepreneur that did not, at some point, need some or other form of motivation or inspiration. I know I do. So, here are five inspirational infographics that serve as a way to keep you keeping on, from one entrepreneur to another.


What does a successful Entrepreneur look like?

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur Infographic mini


Follow your passion

entrepreneurship ig10112012


The AHA moments

the aha moments of entrepreneurs infographic


Are you an entrepreneur?

Are You An Entrepreneur 


Building the better entrepreneur

building the better entrepreneur 50290d99a5c5e w1500.png



For even more infographics, check out this Board on Pinterest.

As an entrepreneur, how do you motivate yourself or get inspired to keep on keeping on? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Comment Link Stefnie JansenThursday, 10 March 2016 13:58 posted by Stefnie Jansen

    I love love your blog! It has a little bit of everything for all kinds of readers. I do also appreciate that your content is not as text intensive and you are able to communicate what you need too in a few paragraphs. That is good practice for online content writing in my opinion.

  • Comment Link Brendan IhmigFriday, 01 April 2016 07:28 posted by Brendan Ihmig

    @Stefnie Thank you for commenting and for the compliments - much appreciated!

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